Paul Douglas

Awards & Accreditations

Seal of Approval from AMS (The American Meteorological Society)

Minnesota's first CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist)


Penn State

Minnesota's first CBM broadcast meteorologist with a meteorology degree from Penn State, Paul has spent 33 years in broadcasting, radio, television, web production, print and reporting. Although Douglas grew up in Pennsylvania, he has spent nearly his entire career in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, 11 years at KARE11, another 11 years at WCCO-TV. In addition to 3 years at WBBM-TV in Chicago, Douglas has appeared on ABC Nightline, the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

A serial entrepreneur, Douglas started EarthWatch, the first company to bring 3-D weather graphics to broadcasters in 1991. In 1998 he started Digital Cyclone, the first company to have an application on a cell phone in 2001. Garmin purchased Digital Cyclone in 2007, allowing Douglas to focus his efforts on his next venture, WeatherNation. Douglas teamed with Barnes and Noble to write a national book on weather, “Restless Skies, the Ultimate Weather Book.” He has taught college classes on broadcast meteorology, lectured extensively on climate change, and he still writes a daily weather column for the Star Tribune newspaper. His software was used Steven Spielberg's movies “Jurassic Park” and “Twister”, and his reporting and television weathercasting has garnered AP Awards and a local Emmy.

As founder and CEO of Broadcast Weather, Douglas and a team of eleven on-air meteorologists are producing and disseminating daily weather reports for websites, cable channels and TV broadcasters looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Broadcast Weather is also the sole content provider of a new national weather channel called WeatherNation TV, which was the first national channel to launch on Facebook.

He is also Founder of Singular Logic LLC, a separate technology and patent-holding company attempting to reinvent advertising by allowing consumers to choose the categories of ads they have to watch on their PCs, TV sets and cable systems. In 2009, Douglas co-founded a new company, Smart Energy LLC, focusing on high-resolution weather forecasts and visualization systems for wind farms, utilities and energy traders across North America. In 2012, Douglas also co-founded Alerts Broadcaster, which integrates weather into a business’s workflow and supply chain to get a consistent ROI, minimize weather-related liabilities and maximize efficiencies.

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who has built, sold, ran, grown, folded, and survived almost ten ventures in his extensive career. He is an author, blogger, tweeter, texter, presenter and speaker. But most importantly he is a diehard father of two incredible boys, and humble husband to an amazing cheerleader.

One of Paul’s mottos is “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”